Filling the moon in the glass






Alcohol at the moonlight may be tasted sweeter.
Between the moon and alcohol, there is something delicate attraction.
Like the moon is filled up and emptied. A drink either. And both things can be drink by people.






Difference of Bottom level make’s steps of the
Moon’s changing per amount at the bowl.






Black one is for the turbid rice wine ‘Maggoli’ and ‘Nigori sake’.
Bright colored wine looks clear at black.
White one is for colored alcohol and tea.





 material : ceramic
small size : 82 x 82 x 58
Large size : 112 x 112 x 68






Moon glass packing option

1p – black
1p – white
2p – black + black
2p – black + white
2p – white + white
*2p black + white package has each colored inner box in white colored outer box.